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Anke Thommen
Executive Producer

Anke Thommen began her career in Hamburg, Germany where she honed her production skills on commercials. As one of the major production hubs for the European market, Hamburg allowed Anke to work with Anthony Waller, Pieter Lony, Michael Cuesta, Ian Gabriel and many other successful directors, producers and ad agencies.

Michael Cuesta Jr. sparked the idea of Anke moving to the United States to improve her skills and learn more about the entertainment industry. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, she joined AFI and Roger Corman’s New Horizon, which became a springboard for many collaborations and where she worked all genres of movies. One year later Anke was fortunate to become a permanent resident in the U.S. and worked on independent features for Sony Pictures Classics, Imagine Entertainment, Buena Vista and Royal Oaks.

While she enjoyed her experience in the independent feature world, Anke developed a true passion for music videos and the fast pace of advertising. She went on to produce and oversee hundreds of music videos and commercial productions. She was fascinated with the creative liberties the short form allowed and worked with some of the most recognizable musical artists and directors in the industry – award winning projects such as “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé, “BYOB” by System Of A Down and “Hey Ya” by Outkast, to name a few.

Sandrine Orabona

Sandrine Orabona has over 20 years of experience in documentary film and advertising. Her focus is primarily on highly personal, character-based story telling. Her subjects have ranged from ordinary people with extraordinary stories, to the personal and intimate sides of larger-than-life icons.

Directing projects include Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story for CNN Films, a feature-length follow-documentary on the life of Senior Chief Kristin Beck who served over 20 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL and transitioned to a new life as a transgender woman upon retirement. State of Play: First Ladies for HBO Sports, profiles the lives of three women married to men whose careers in high-profile sports have an impact on their family lives, featuring Super Bowl Champion Mike Tomlin and his wife Kiya, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Kevin Harvick and his wife DeLana.

She has also worked extensively in music documentaries, including the record-breaking film This Is It, where she followed Michael Jackson in the final weeks of his life while preparing for his “This Is It” tour, and the upcoming documentary on Rihanna, which provides an unfiltered look into the global icon.

Orabona’s brand work can be seen as part of Allstate’s Black History Month campaign as well as spots for McDonalds, Scion, Disney, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios.

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